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MP4 File Recovery Software to Retrieve Missing Video Back

MP4 or the MPEG-4 Video file format uses separate compression for storing video & audio tracks. These file uses MPEG-4 encoding for saving the recorded videos, whereas the audios are compressed with the help of AAC compression. This video standard from Moving Pictures Experts Group(MPEG) is primarily meant for file sharing through Internet. Apart, from that you can find several digital players & like digital devices, digital camera & like that records & saves videos in this very format. So, if for any reason these MP4 Video files get deleted or is lost you would need to try MP4 File Recovery Software so as to be able to restore those missing & deleted videos back.

Reasons responsible for loss of MP4 Video Files -

MP4 Videos may get corrupt or is deleted from computer or the memory card used, unintentionally or say accidentally, for one of the reasons mentioned below -

  • Accidental/permanent deletion as a result of pressing 'delete+all' button on the card or using 'shift+Del' keys
  • Formatting the memory card accidentally that contained the videos
  • Virus infection taking place in the card
  • Improper use of the card like unplugging it improperly during read/write operation
  • The card is damaged or corrupted due to malfunctioning software & other reasons like


In event of any of these issues striking your camera memory card, the very device would be rendered unusable and access to the same may not be possible at all, which necessitates for recovery of the MP4 Videos done with the aid of MP4 File Recovery Software.

This very program with aid of thorough scanning algorithm first scans the drive in order to locate all those files missing, lost, deleted or inaccessible from all location on the card drive, letting you same back the same. Once the files, have been located the application would generate a preview of the files - photos, videos, audio present on the card, which ensures that these very files could be recovered. Following this, one can proceed with the process of restoring MP4 & other files required for which all that needs to be done by you is to select the very files needed & then saving back those at required destination.

So, if you are confronting data loss from camera memory card or other storage media, don't wait further just download this advanced utility to have your files restored with ease.



Let's Have a brief look how MP4 File Recovery Software works

Step:1 Download & Install the application and launch it from the shortcun icon created, which will show you the interface as the one shown below

Step:2 The Device to be scanned, or say the location from where photos are to be retrieved, needs to be selected & then start scan button needs to be clicked.

Step:3 As Scanning begins, preview of recoverable file are shown

Step:4 Also, you can find the option to select specified section of the media

Step:5 Specific File Type to be scanned for, may also be specified

Step:6 Here, in this step sector by sector image of the drive is created

Step:7 Next, select the range for recovery

Step:8 Last saved scan results may also be used, to resume recovery as shown in this very step

Step:9 At, Last you need to save the recovered files at destination desired.




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